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Pool & Patio Tips from Local Experts

Check out the most recent articles from Metro Pools & Patios for pool and patio tips ranging from design ideas to maintenance requirements and more from our Walton County swimming pools and patios experts.

Custom Rock Work Ideas For Pools In Walton County

pool rock work atlanta gaCustom rock work can really set off a backyard pool. Since everything is built according to a custom design, you can do just about anything you want. Natural stone is incredibly beautiful around a pool. But some Walton County homeowners also use it to build the entire pool. … Read More

Swimming Pools – Don't Miss Out on These Top Benefits

fiberglass pool installation monroe ga Being a homeowner is great, but being a homeowner with a pool takes things up a notch, Whether you are considering buying a house that already has a pool, or having a pool installed, either way you are going to be glad that you did. … Read More

What Walton County Residents Should Know About Fiberglass Pool Installations

fiberglass pool installation athens gaGenerally speaking, there are 5 different stages involved with a fiberglass pool installation. The first two phases are prone to many problems. Our Athens pool and patio experts have provided the following guide in order to help you better understand the extent of the project and the skill and equipment required. By installing a fiberglass pool in your yard … Read More

What Walton County Pool Owners Should Know About Concrete Decking

concrete decking athens gaEvery homeowner wants to be able to use and enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the utmost. However, far too often, people remain cooped up inside their homes and do not take advantage of the space that is available to them. If you want to change this unfortunate circumstance, there if a perfect option readily available to you. That option is concrete decking. Concrete decking is an amazing alternative to … Read More

A Basic Guide to Pool Installations for Homeowners

pool installation athens gaAt some point in time, every home owner has considered installing a new pool on their property. However, without the requisite knowledge, this task can seem daunting and difficult. In order to help you better understand what your prospective pool installation project will entail, our highly knowledgeable swimming pool construction experts in Walton County, GA have provided the following guide … Read More

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